Danny is a Toronto-based artist and an award-winning game developer most known for his comic series "Life Death & Sorcery. He’s been a professional illustrator in some for or another since 2005, surprising and delighting people with his off-beat illustrations and rambling anecdotes.

He loves telling stories and collaborating projects, large and small. He is also the proud owner of a corgi named Ginger F. Puppersons, whom he obsessively gloats about."


Abrams Comicarts
Action Lab Comics
Bad Dog Theatre Company
Chapterhouse Comics
Cloudberry Records
Culvert Music
Drawn & Quarterly Comics
Fugitive Interactive
Heroic Interactive Inc.
Integrated Design Inc.
Little Burgundy
Red Cross Canada


Toronto Comicon 2016
Planet X Comics NCBD 2016
Page & Panel: Comic Shop
Big B Comics Nigara
Big B Comics Hamilton
Toronto FanExpo 2016
MCX 2016
Vancouver FanExpo 2016
Toronto Fan Days 2016
Toronto Comicon 2017
Orillia Comicon 2017
Montreal Comicon 2017
MCX 2017
C4 Central Canada Comic Con 2017


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